Biomancer’s Familiar – Training Tokens (Modern)

So recently, Ravnica Allegiance spoiled the card, Biomancer’s Familiar:

biomancer's familiar

This card reduce the cost of creature activated abilities by 2 mana, reducing it down to 1 mana. It also allows creatures to adapt more than once. Because of the first ability, many players begin to comment that this would be Training Grounds with legs. (A creature version)

training grounds

Given that Training Grounds requires less mana and is an enchantment and therefore more difficult to remove, is there a use for Biomancer’s Familiar? (Hint: The answer is yes)

Because Biomancer’s Familiar is a creature, there is a variety of ways to fetch it. The most common one is with Duskwatch Recruiter. Duskwatch Recruiter can dig through your library to find Biomancer’s Familiar, while Biomancer’s Familiar reduce Duskwatch Recruiter‘s activated cost. Now, that’s value.

Recently, Sam Pardee made a deck tech article around Biomancer’s Familiar. You can find the article here: Combo’ing in Modern with Biomancer’s Familiar

The best thing about Biomancer’s Familiar and Training Grounds deck is that you can abuse the combo in many different ways. Sam’s first deck focus on infinite +1/+1 counters, while the second deck generates infinite mana with Walking Ballista as the finisher.

In my case, I threw in a bit of everything:

Training Tokens

We start off with the mechanics:
Eldrazi Displacer: There are many uses surrounding Eldrazi Displacer. You can blink chump blockers to avoid losing creatures. You can blink creatures, such as Biomancer’s Familiar, and protect them from removal spells. It also forms an incredible combo with Eternal Witness, retrieving any card from the graveyard.
Eternal Witness: This card can retrieve a variety of things from the graveyard. This includes spells such as Negate and Spell Pierce, as well as dead creatures. However, my favorite combo would be using Eldrazi Displacer to blink Eternal Witness to retrieve Ghost Quarter. With this combo, you can essentially shut down the opponent’s mana base.
Duskwatch Recruiter: As mentioned above, this is an important backbone to the deck, as it essentially lets you dig through your deck for creatures with just one mana with Biomancer’s Familiar. This card helps you get all the creature pieces you want.
Jade Mage: By itself, this card is essentially useless. 3 mana to generate a token is way too much. But with Biomancer’s Familiar, this becomes a token powerhouse. The fact that it doesn’t require tapping to generate tokens makes this all the more lethal.
As you may have noticed, the activated abilities of all 3 creatures does not require tapping. This means that it is possible to activate the abilities more than once each turn, yours and the opponents. As a result, the best way to abuse this deck is to leave as much mana open as you could during your turn and activate abilities at the end of opponent’s turn.
Aether Vial allows you to vial in creatures at the drop of a hat. You can use this at the end of opponent’s turn to keep more mana open. It also works with Eternal Witness to retrieve answers from your graveyard.
Negate and Spell Pierce helps protect your deck while giving an element of control to this deck. With Eldrazi Displacer and Eternal Witness, you can recur these spells.
Collected Company also adds more creatures to the board and can flood your board with Eldrazi Displacer and Eternal Witness.

Since this deck is in bant color and requires colorless mana, a lot of color fixing is required. To satisfy this, Birds of Paradise and Noble Hierarch works as mana fixer as well as mana ramp for all the shenanigans. Because a lot of the creatures in this deck has Human subtype, Cavern of Souls help fixed the mana as well as provide colorless mana to Eldrazi Displacer. Meanwhile, Ghost Quarter can destroy opponent’s key lands and generate more mana for Eldrazi Displacer.

As for sideboard, we have Path to Exile as well as Journey to Nowhere. The advantage of Journey to Nowhere is the ability to target cards such as Emrakul, which cannot be killed by conventional removal spells.

I also included more shenanigans such as Herald of Anafenza that pumps itself while generating a token, as well as Ghost-Lit Warder that acts as a recurring Mana Leak. Fauna Shaman allows you to tutor creatures by discard a creature card from your hand, which can then be retrieved with Eternal Witness.

To make the deck more budget, you can replace Cavern of Souls with Unclaimed Territory. While you do lose the ability to protect creature spells, the essential functions are still more or less intact. Meanwhile Oath of Nissa is a possible, though inferior, substitute to Noble Hierarch. Instead of a direct mana fix, Oath of Nissa allows you to dig for your fetchlands and shocklands while giving you the option of digging for creatures as well.