Oath of Nissa – Card Discussion

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the long wait. I was scouring through the Zendikar wastelands when I found myself stuck in Ravnica for some reason. Interesting place, could use a bit of rebuilding now…

But anyway, when I was in Zendikar, I came across some good Oath of Nissa enchantments remaining, so this specimen will be the topic of our discussion today.

Oath of Nissa.jpg

Oath of Nissa is a one-mana legendary enchantment that lets you look at the top three cards of your library and put a creature, land or planeswalker into your hand. The versatility of this card should not be underestimated since this can let you dig for creature- or land-based answers. Examples include Ghost Quarters/Wasteland if your opponent is playing Tron, or Eternal Witness for recover certain cards. Meanwhile, being a legendary Enchantment, it acts as a permanent, but can be treated like a brainstorm or a ramp spell.

However, what caught my attention is this card’s second ability: the ability to use any kind of mana to cast Planeswalker spells. Now, we should not limit this card to just Super Friends archtypes. No no no, that’s waaaaayyyy too shallow. The best way to use this card is to play it early, hopefully in Turn 1, to get a good land or creature. While it’s sitting on the battlefield, we’ll find ways to use its second ability.

Enter Glittering Wish:

Glittering Wish.jpg

Glittering Wish is a sorcery card from a really old set – Future Sight. For a green and a white, you can tutor a multicolored card from your sideboard and put it to your hand. The card itself is already very powerful since you can tutor cards like Assassin’s Trophy/Abrupt Decay from the sideboard. When combined with Oath of Nissa, this means that you can tutor any multicolored Planeswalker from the sideboard and cast it into play even if you don’t have the correct mana source!! Wrenn and Six comes into mind. Or how about Kiora? Vraska, Golgari Queen makes a good candidate and she can destroy a non land permanent as soon as she comes out. What’s best, you can even sacrifice the Oath of Nissa to her to draw a card.

Now consider this… this card pool will only expand as more multicolored Planeswalkers will grace our worlds with their presence in future sets.

Well, that’s all I have today. Till next time